My name’s Mehera. I am a seascape artist based in Margaret River, Western Australia. My paintings are inspired by the colours, power and energy of the Indian Ocean and the vast open spaces of WA.

I paint to try to invoke the feeling of stoke that the ocean brings to the lives of the saltwater addicted. The mesmerising waves fueling anticipation and elation, the crystal clear water hypnotically calming minds, and the dance of light on the surface of the ocean, twinkling like stars and reminding us of the magic of nature.

I hope to inspire joy into people’s lives, sharing the happiness that the ocean brings to my life, by creating vibrant and uplifting art.

A passion for surfing and formal career as a Marine Scientist (including working at CSIRO, Tasmania, a Marie Curie Fellowship in France and fieldwork in Antarctica) have driven me to travel the world guided by the ocean. In 2018 I was unable to surf or attend my job at the Department of Fisheries in Perth, for several months due to major surgery. I returned to painting to keep myself immersed in nature in my imagination, to transport myself to my happy place. I knew at that point that painting is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

I work using acrylic and oil paint from photographs and memories. I paint commission pieces on request – please get in touch if you would like further information!