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Yallingup Bliss, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 122 cm:

A day spent spellbound by the waves at Yallingup. I had so many things I was planning to do that day but I couldn’t tear myself away from the swell rolling in, mesmerised by the waves breaking perfectly across the reef beyond the stunning turquoise of the lagoon.

Gnaraloo, Oil on Canvas, 122 x 122 cm:

Where the red West Australian desert meets the turquoise lagoon teeming with tropical fish and the swell hitting the reef out the back.

Sweet Escape, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 92 cm:

Seascape Painting featuring an Australian Beach with Turquoise Water

Painted after a camping trip on the WA coast. Days spent swimming, surfing, immersed in nature. Water such a beautiful shade of turquoise it took my breath away. No wifi or phone reception, just pure relaxation, absolute bliss.

Bali Barrel, Acrylic on Canvas, 92 x 76 cm:

Inspired by countless hours spent watching the waves from the shade of a warung in Bali. Sunburnt lips, salt split hair, reef cut feet and noodle arms, and yet the happiest heart.

Yallingup Dawn, Acrylic on Canvas, 92 x 92 cm:

Motivated by a beautiful morning at Yallingup. Under a magnificent display of pink and peach hues with a peaceful sense of calm in the air, I didn’t think anyone could ever regret getting up early to watch the ocean at sunrise.